Thaisiri incense Co.,Ltd | Aromatic incense manufacturer and wholesaler

Welcome to Thaisiri incense Co.,Ltd. We’re the largest Aromatic incense and candle gift sets manufacturer in Thailand. We have been established and producing the highest quality of incense ,incense gift sets and candles gift sets products since 1990.With our long experience in incense and candles products manufacturing, now we have expanded our markets to worldwide . We have product certificate from SGS. Our products are safe to use.

We are manufacturer of Incense and Candle items including:
• Aromatic incense ,Cone Incense ,Stick Incense ,Japanese Incense ,Coil Incense , Citronella Mosquito Repellent And Incense in various shape.
• Incense ,Incense holder and candle in wooden box or Saa paper box .
• Candle, Flower candle and Floating candle
• Incense holder,Candle holder ,Oil burner ,Reed diffuser and Essential oils.
• Other items as per customer’s requests

As a member of Thailand Export Department and Thai Chamber of Commerce, we are pride that we have continually developed and designed the attractiveness products.

We believe in honesty and deliver on our commitments. This is just one of the reasons why more and more customers come to us every year.

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